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About us

We are a global marketplace for affordable authentic art. We are also a Certified B Corporation, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

Just like Airbnb disrupted the world of renting, Uber the world of car hire and Etsy the hand-made goods market - we are now redefining the world of owning authentic art. We connect talented independent artists and galleries with art lovers who value craft, quality and originality. At the heart of what we do is a love for human creativity - art that is handmade with skill, talent and real passion. Backed by the same investors that invested in Spotify, Linkedin, Zopa and Hailo - we believe in helping artists make a living so they can continue to inspire the world with their art. We work with our community of artists to provide them support, advice, and a global ecommerce platform, as well as offering pricing that is fair for them and the buyer.

Reasons to join

  • We are customer-focused and data-driven – always delivering value to our members and the business
  • Experiencing a period of hyper growth – 120% YoY growth in Q2 2020
  • As a scale-up tech business - we think fast, change fast and learn fast
  • Open and honest atmosphere – input encouraged from everyone at all levels
  • We nurture our team – career development and learning are key to us!
  • Having sold 170k+ pieces of artwork worth over £30m to customers in 105 countries we are a serious player in the art sector
  • Being a certified B Corporation helping over 6,000 artists make a living is a really important part of what we believe in

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